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Reykjavík Whales & Icelandic Sagas

Certified Operator     Tour Operator: Elding Adventure at Sea     5 hours     Travel method: Boat     Region: Capital Region

Whale Watching tour with Elding and Icelandic Sagas theatrical comedy show at Harpa

A fantastic afternoon whale watching topped off with a 75 min. theatrical comedy show through the Icelandic Sagas in the evening!

Available: Select dates from 1 May - 31 August (check calendar)
Time: Starting at 13:00 (May) / 14:00 (June-August)
Duration: Whale Watching tour is 3 hrs. and Icelandic Sagas is 75 min.

Meet us in the Old Harbour at 12:30 or 13:30 (depending on your chosen time) where you exchange your voucher for an admission slip. A guide will welcome you on board the Whale Watching Centre, which is facilitated on board an old fishing vessel permanently placed by the pier. Before or after the tour you can enjoy the onboard multimedia show that includes images, videos and facts about the whales and marine life. Summer season is great for whale watching, as the wildlife in the bay is at its highest peak. This is the time when the Minke whales are at their most abundant, along with the White-beaked dolphins, Harbour porpoises and Humpback whales, giving us the chance to enjoy and understand them in their natural environment.

After the whale watching tour you can enjoy a lovely walk in the harbour or dine at one of the fine restaurant before the comedy show starts.

Take a stroll down to Harpa Concert Hall by 19:30 where the Icelandic Sagas show takes place. The piece is an 'Icelandic Sagas Greatest hits' or a 75 minute theatrical comedy roller coaster ride through Iceland’s literary heritage presented by two of Icelands finest actors. The Sagas are the 40 true stories of the first settlers of Iceland. They are fantastic tales of worthy men and feisty women from a thousand years ago, stories of viking raids abroad and blood-feuds at home. Passed down the generations and preserved on calf-skin manuscripts they are the crown jewels of Icelandic culture, amazing stories of ordinary vikings, facing ordinary viking problems - like how to get your wife to stop killing your neighbour’s slaves, what to do when someone calls you a horse-ass-eater and how to sue your brother in-law for not living up to your sister’s expectations. Step into the world of Hallgerda Long-Pants, Gunnlaug Serpent Tongue, Killer-Glum, Harald with the great hair-do, Mjoll the-biggest-of-all-women-who-were-not-giants and Leif the Lucky who found America - and lost it again... Find out what it really means to toss a pair of blue pants into an Icelanders face!

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What is included

  • 3 hr. whale watching tour
  • Excellent English guidance
  • Free onboard WiFi
  • 75 minute comedy show

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